Motorola Moto G Series Motorola Moto G Play (2021) Tempered Glass Screen Protector


SKU: DYXH-1000617 Category:
Type Protective Front Film
Material Tempered Glass
Craftsmanship Machining
Category Moto G Series
Applicable Brands Motorola
Product Color Transparent
Department Screen Protector
Applicable Model Motorola Moto G play (2021)
Function Anti-scratch

Department: Screen Protector. Indulge in the fingerprint-resistant properties of our Screen Protectors. Engineered with special coatings, these protectors minimize smudges and make cleaning your screen effortless, allowing you to enjoy a clear and crisp display.

Craftsmanship: Machining. Indulge in the impact-resistant construction of our Machining Process Protective Cases. The precise machining provides a secure and snug fit, effectively protecting your device against accidental drops, impacts, and everyday mishaps.

Function: Anti-scratch. Indulge in the enhanced visual appeal of your device with our Anti-Scratch Protective Film. The film’s clear and transparent finish ensures that it doesn’t obstruct or compromise the vibrant colors, sharpness, or overall visual quality of your display.

Material: Tempered Glass Add a touch of anti-glare functionality with our Tempered Glass Protective Film. The matte finish minimizes reflections and glare, providing a comfortable viewing experience even in bright environments, while still maintaining high clarity and screen protection.

Shape: Protective Front Film. Experience the ultra-thin profile of our Protective Front Film styles. These films are designed to be ultra-slim, preserving the sleekness of your device while offering discreet yet effective protection for your screen.

Applicable Series: Moto G Series. Protect your Motorola Moto G Series phone with our shockproof and drop-resistant case. Designed to absorb impact, this case provides reliable protection against accidental drops and bumps. Its raised edges and reinforced corners offer added defense for your device’s screen and camera.

Applicable Brand: Motorola. Stay connected on the go with this battery case for your Motorola phone. The built-in battery extends your phone’s battery life, ensuring you never run out of power when you need it the most.

Weight 1 kg

Ultra Clear Tempered Film

Applicable Model

Motorola Moto G play (2021)


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